Monday, 31 August 2015

The CANADIARY // Visiting Toronto

So, as you know, I visited Canada for the first two weeks of August, and it was just wonderful. The flight was 7 hours, which is a long time, however it was a very non- turbulent journey which made it more enjoyable.

We tasted some sushi on the first night, at this amazing restaurant local to our hotel in Mississauga called moonshine I believe. The next day we drove around DownTown Toronto, looking at the amazing concrete skyscrapers around us in the city. The CN Tower casted down on us, which was in some ways threatening yet also amazing.

Our first few days in Canada subtly reminded us of  the lifestyle of America (New York), however the people in general were far more friendlier and more approachable than the british. 

One more country ticked off the bucket list !!

(^-^) x

Monday, 24 August 2015

REVIEW // The Balms

Slightly random, I know coloured lip balms and a full on review, but hey, I felt like blogging about lip balms today and the photos look oh so lovely, if I do say so myself. Also, balms can be used on their own, underneath lipstick or given as cute presents, so here's a good way on dividing the keepers from the not so good ones.

Starting from the left, firstly is a H&M lip balm in the flavour ginger and lime which as you can see is very well loved. 

Secondly, at the top is a lip balm from The Body Shop in a cocoa butter flavour, which unfortunately leaves a whitish stain on the lips unless rubbed in for several minutes (a minor problem which is made up for as it smells so wonderful)

Furthermore in the centre of the image is a blueberry scented lip balm from Boots which smells lovely but unfortunately doesn't do much in terms of moisturizing the lips.

Next is a shea lip butter from Boots which is extremely moisturizing and effectively blends in. One of my all time favourites.

Next is a garish, rather scary light green colour, which notably blends in to the lips like a dream. The scent is 'mojito' (without the alcohol) and smells lovely. Oh and it's a budget product, from B & M

Finally, is the product at the top right, which as you can tell matches the packaging to the central blueberry flavoured lip balm but rather is flavoured as mint. This mentholy scented lip balm is perfect for winter i find, as it doesn't have a sweet (or sickly) scent as some others have. Guess where it's from?

(^-^) x

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A Message for Results Day.

Results Day is tomorrow 20th August 2015.

Chill the hell out.

I think today you need to have a bath, with two of your favourite bath bombs and some rose petals. Read a book and write down your favourite quotes. Go for a run, or two, or three. At 2pm have a nap, play some instrumental Disney music in the background. Wake up, go buy some butter and bake yourself a cake. Eat all of it. Go cycling. Do some blogging, go on tumblr, go on weheart it. Do some yoga for as long as you see fit.




NB //  I wrote this seemingly bizzare post as i know personally how much i stress out before this. 
Good luck for your own results.

Monday, 17 August 2015

What's in my Travel Makeup Bag? / Canada.

So, I've just got back from Canada (this is a scheduled post) and I thought I'd show the makeup I took along with me.

Firstly - Eye products. As you probably know, Collection Fast Stroke in black  is my 'holy grail' product for winged eyeliner or eyeliner in general so of course I took that along with me. Secondly, I love the Body Shop 'Eye Definer' in black for eyeliner on the waterline. Also, I'll be using my mac compact for powder and as a mirror. 

Just realised that why photographing I didn't properly categorize the items. Next is my 'starry eyed' Barry M palette which is made for autumn but i use all year round, specifically the matte shades which are excellent. There are 6 different shades in this pallette so countless looks throughout the holiday. Next is my favourite drugstore mascara - Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara in the shade 001 Black. Finally is my concealer - Makeup Revolution Focus and fix.

Lastly. An eyeshadow pencil from collection in the taupey brown shade - similar to the maybelline colour tattoo but with some shimmer. Next is my beauty blender knockoff from model's own. I find that this works so well with my foundaton. Finally is my lip liner from rimmel in a winey red shade.

(^-^) x

Monday, 10 August 2015

REVIEW // Gel Nail Extensions

(As you're reading this, I'm in Toronto, Canada -  blogposts coming soon of course)

So, for prom my friend's aunt kindly did some gel nail extensions for free (this was around a month ago). So 30 days on I thought I'd give my opinion on these on my nails. I chose a beigey colour to contrast with my blue dress. The extensions mimicked that of acrylic nails, however the actual product came as a powder which was buffed onto my nail. A month on, unfortunately one has just chipped and fallen off :(, but my nail underneath seems fairly okay.

In terms of colour, I love the nails! In term of longevity, it's understandable that the nails won't last forever as they aren't my own.

Finally, I do recommend Gel Nail extensions over acrylics, firstly because the smell is 10000x better than acrylics, and my nail underneath isn't completely ruined.

(^-^) x

Monday, 3 August 2015

Prom Skincare

As you're reading this, I'm in CANADA!

So, despite the fact that prom was several weeks ago, I thought I'd talk about the skincare I've been using in the lead up to prom and actually on the day itself. This is part of a three part series on prom - skincare, makeup and outfit.

1. T-Zone Deep Pore Cleansing Wash // I used this to remove makeup as an when I wore it (unless I forgot on any particular day). It contains tea tree, eucalyptus and salicylic acid and really effectively cleanses the skin. It can be used in general too, not just for makeup removal

2. Superdrug Sugar & Spice Self-heating Mask // I used this on the day hours before applying makeup (which I'll be doing a blogpost on very soon!). Most masks I use are of the clay formula which dry out the skin, whereas this was of a much creamier formula and as suggested, heated whilst on my face which was a surreal sensation. Not sure I'd use this on a daily basis, but for the stressful day it provided some much needed relaxation in a therapeutic day. 

3. Oilatum Cream // I use this almost daily as a hydrating moisturizer! It's extremely effective at bringing some life to the skin, however I'd never use this immediately before makeup as it leaves the skin very glowy and oily, and I prefer a demi matte- demi dewy look.

4. Benefit Products // Eye Cream, Facial Cream, Toner, Moisturiser and Hydrating Cream - All wonderful products, I should do a post on all of these products in the future!!

There you have it - my prom day skincare

(^-^) x