Monday, 27 April 2015

The 2nd Corfu Photobook

Hey! I like uploading photography, especially from my Corfiot holiday last year! Photography is one of my passions and I like to think I'm half decent at it! Check out my photography blog here!

(^-^) x

Monday, 20 April 2015

My New Faves // Boots and Plants

Decided to start a new series on my blog, since i'm not the best at committing to blogging my monthly favourites, as I can go a few months without buying anything then go crazy all in the space of a week. So here are my new faves!

1. My succulent plant from Ikea, I LOVE this plant and it's my new child. As seen in the picture they're a bright green colour and fit perfectly in my room. I'm loving it at the moment.

2. Ankle boots from I've been toying with the idea of splurging £30 on a pair of shoes and eventually I caved and purchased these. I love how these look with jeans, they really elongate my legs and make them look slimmer. 

(^-^) x

Monday, 13 April 2015

REVIEW // Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Permenant Taupe

So this is going to be a short blogpost, but I thought I'd jump on the 'Colour Tattoo' bandwagon like most other people.

I absolutely LOVE this colour on my skin tone. The formula of these eyeshadows are so good and long lasting. They even work for me, and I have extremely oily skin.

Also, they're only £4.99! Bargain! 

(^-^) x

Monday, 6 April 2015

Let's Chat // 2. 'Me Time'

Hey! So since my last months 'Let's Chat' post was all about Organisation, I decided to change it up, and with a contrast, talk about 'Me Time'

Everyone needs a little head space, before they go insane. Here are three things that I love to do to chill out.

1. Take time to be by myself - I cannot stress enough how helpful it is for 'Me Time' to be by yourself every once in a while. Whether it's for five minutes, or a whole day. It's good to pamper yourself every once in a while, for a little bit of sanity. Sometimes I even like to go shopping by myself, sad I know.

2. Reading Books - Sometimes it's great to take a break from a phone or laptop screen. I mean I have prescription glasses as a result of too much laptop time. A book i've been loving in the past few months is 'Theodore Boone - Future Lawyer' It's fantastic and I recommend it to anyone out there.

3. Blogging - Whether it's on Blogger, or on Tumblr, I've grown to love blogging over the past few years. I might not have the greatest following but I blog to document my life for myself. I'm really not concerned about the viewings attached to my blog.

So, there you go !!

(^-^) x