Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The 1st Corfu Photobook

Hey guys! How have you been? Recently me and my family went on an incredible getaway to the Mediterranean island of Corfu. I've been to cyprus before, but I've never been to an island as small as this. Corfu is a greek island, near albania and italy. It's just absolutely wonderful. Although the holiday didn't get off to the best start (annoying car dealers and early morning flights), the holiday was absolutely incredible. 

Greek food and culture is amazing, every encounter we had was enlightening and satisfying, amazing. With a beach and taverna round every corner, Corfu is everything you could ever ask for.

Anyway I don't want to give too much away, because there are two more parts (in the new year !) to this miniseries, with more photos to come. 

1. The amazing sunset view from our villa
2. Kassiopi Beach
3. Me swimming in the sea
4. My sister and my feet in the water
5. The cutest cat that was always on our doorstep
6. Some bohemian houses in the village of Nissaki
7. Palm trees
8. The incredible sea, with Albania in the background

See you soon! x

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Urban Aura

My take on an urban fall look. 

'Urban Aura' Polyvore

Check out my polyvore here. Anyway I absolutely love this look. I can't wait to purchase these boots, after my birthday in under a month! I am obsessed with matte black nails currently, and although this particular one is NARS, it only costs around £10 ($15 in the US) which is pretty damn good. My staple piece of clothing this year has undoubtedly been my mom jeans which I have reworn and repurchased over the seasons. Paired with a mesh top , a beanie and some clunky platform boots, you have the perfect grunge, urban aura.

Sorry this post was so short! 


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

20 Questions Tumblr Tag

20 Questions | Lushiella

1. Biggest Fear?

Whoa, straight in the deep end, I fear death, or being trapped in a tight space  

Favorite Food?

Margarita Pizza  

3 Biggest celebrity crush?

Ed Westwick, Theo James, Logan Lerman, Ashton Kutcher

4 Biggest hope for the future?

To really make a difference in this world

5 Biggest obsession atm?

Buying Monochrome things

6 Biggest obsession you’ve ever had?

Certain bands.

7 Guilty Pleasure?

I love listening to pop punk

8 Favourite song now?

Cool Kids- Echosmith

9 Favourite song ever?

Sweet Disposition- The Temper Trap | I Can Barely Say - The Fray | Nirvana - Sam Smith

10 Favourite movie now?


11 Favourite movie ever?

Tangled, Lion King, Clueless

12 Favourite TV programme now?

Gossip Girl, Glue

13 Favourite TV programme ever?

14 One random fact about me?

I'm a feminist, I love watching Crime Shows 

15 Childhood dream?

To visit every continent In the World

16 Career Goal?


17 Any phobias?


18 Favourite actress?

Julia Roberts, Audrey Hepburn, Blake Lively

19 Favourite actor?

Liam Neeson or Leo Dicaprio

20 My Idol?

Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, My Parents

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

But what are the perks of being a wallflower?

So I'm always one up for a good book, and this is no exception. If you know me at all, you'll know that I have a HUGE crush on Logan Lerman I mean have you seen his eyes? Anyway aside from that, this book is incredible.

This book isn't really one for the younger kids, but if you're a teen, I really recommend this. Even though it was written in the late 90s, it's so relatable. The main character Charlie goes through a number of issues, Peer Pressure, Depression, Losing Oneself, and he listens to the smiths which is always a bonus.

Other than the incredible storyline, the title itself is wonderful. What are the perks of being a wallflower? Personally, I hate being the centre of attention with a passion. It's awful. But I do know that some people struggle with a number of pressures, making them feel unwanted, like a wallflower in a negative way.

I get those feelings too.

We all do. 

But you need to realize, that being a wallflower has many perks. You get to stay on the sidelines, uninvolved with any drama. You can have fun, but you're not the centre of attention. Embrace who you are, don't feel you have to fit with social expectations. Stay true to you.

“Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn't stop for anybody.”