Friday, 31 October 2014

15 Reasons Why I Love - NYC

Decided to create a new series, '15 Reasons Why I Love' something, this time, it's going to be New York City. New York holds some of my fondest memories, when I was younger, I visited between two holidays, and I remember it like it was yesterday. I stayed in my first five-star hotel, 'The Grand Hyatt' and it was fab.

1. The New York skyline. No words can describe how fantastic it is to see in person.
2. Liberty Island. Here you can find the statue of liberty, a giant copper creation that dates back decades, marking American Independence
3. The area around the Twin Towers. Makes you wonder what it was like on that day. 9/11. Feels so surreal, but sort of nostalgic at the same time. It's great.
4. Brooklyn. On the outskirts of NYC, Brooklyn is a little wonder. I love the graffiti on the bricked walls and the street musicians.
5. Times Square. 'Bright Lights and City Skies' Giant billboards filled with concerts. I can't wait for the day I'm in New York for Christmas and New Year.
6. Central Park. 843 acres of beauty. I remember the afternoon we got our portraits done, me and my sister got Caricatures done. Such fun memories.
7. Shopping. The shopping here is insane. The shops just don't stop,
8. The Rickety Carts. We took one of these at night, through Times Square, it was glorious, and far better than a Yellow Cab.
9. The Hudson River. May not be the cleanest, but certainly is great for photos.
10. The Diners. New York may have some of the best high end shops 
11. The Empire State Building. If you watch 'How I Met Your Mother' you'll know that Ted shares a love with 'Empie' that I do too.
12. The Skyscrapers. These make you feel tiny, but so alive.
13. Grand Central Station. Aside from St. Pancras, this is the greatest station I have ever been to in my life. The clock is enormous and the aura of people hustling and bustling is something I will never forget.
14. Chinatown. Like London and Los Angeles, New York is no exception. Chinatown is where you'll find the best Noodles Hands Down
15. Manhattan. The life and soul of NYC, beautiful, modern and historic at the same time. I love it.

I can't wait to potentially visit more and more over the next decade of my life, I really want to live here one day.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Fall/Autumn Eye Essentials

Products (from left to right)
1. Eye-shadow brush
2. Collection 'Fast Stroke' Eyeliner
3. Eyebrow Brush
4. Eyebrow Pencil and 'Spoolie'
5. New York Colours Eye-shadow in colour 'Bazar - 907'
6. Claire's Eye-shadow palette ombre colours

So here it is, another autumn beauty blogpost, I'm really beginning to like these. I'm currently obsessed with autumnal colours when i'm not at school, and I love blending in the tones. Theses colours work best for casual days, and for a more formal smokey eye look. 

In the near future, I hope to purchase the 'Urban Decay' Naked Palette, but at the moment, as i'm still experimenting with shades, im sticking with the drugstore options. 

I'm not 100% sure on the shades that are in this A/W14 season, but I know the smokey eye trend will never be outdated. 

Hope you liked this alternative style post! A new polyvore is coming soon!


Friday, 24 October 2014

Treating Onself

It's so very important to have some 'me' time. Whether it's alone in a coffee shop, with some friends out for pizza, or with family to celebrate a birthday, either way, it's essential to have this time.  I know people always go on about being healthy, but there is absolutely no problem with going out for a hot chocolate, or having some pizza.

'Me' time is great. This week I want you, yes YOU to take one hour off, to take a break from the haste of life and have some time to yourself. Watch some 'Pretty Little Liars', 'Gossip Girl', (yes these are my guilty pleasures). Do what makes you happy. Forget about that homework that's due in the next day, just for one hour. 

Trust me, it'll be great.


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Everyday School Makeup

Another makeup blogpost!! Surprise surprise!! Here are my five favourite makeup essentials for back to school season. Yes I know we've all been back to school for a while now but here it is if you're struggling on how to apply makeup for school.

I have quite short, thick and curly eyelashes so I prefer to add volume rather than length, and i've tried everything from the 'Maybelline Rocket Mascara', to the 'Rimmel Day to Night' to these two. My personal all time favourite is the gold 'Giordani Extreme' Mascara, which was my first ever mascara. And then comes this Collection Volumising Mascara that gives 10x extra volume as it promises. It's so difficult to find the perfect mascara for each individual, some like very expensive ones however I prefer to spend more on facial products such as foundation or powder.

For school, most people want quite minimal makeup, and I'm no exception, but I love a good ol' winged eyeliner to add that extra bit of edge. So a good liquid eyeliner is perfect. I like this 'Collection Fast Stroke' eyeliner. 

In terms of lippy products, i'm an addict. I always have a balm in my blazer for when my lips are chapped or just when i'm feeling a bit edgy. This particular balm is made from shea butter and coconut with natural extracts, it's from boots. 

Some other times such as mufti days, I like to use Calvin Klein in the shade victorious, but i'd never wear it on an everyday basis. 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

REVIEW // Simple Facial Cleanser

Hey guys! So as you can see recently I've been trying to make the content on my blog as varied as possible. I've decided to do a review. I know some people hate this style of post, but I've been meaning to talk about this product for a long time.

Unfortunately I can't remember the price of this product, im assuming it cost around £3 to £5, so in terms of facial cleansers, it's very reasonable. My mum uses products such as Avon and Clarins which are far more pricey but they both get the job done! My top tip is to buy the cheaper option first, try it out, and then go down the more expensive route, rather than the other way round.

When you first apply this product to the skin, it comes out as a gel, then by using swirling motions, it becomes a moisturizer consistency. It removes all makeup or just does a good job at brightening the face in the morning. It has 'vitamin goodness', and contains no perfume and no colour, It's really refreshing and coming from a person with lots of benefit products, I genuinely prefer this one.

I know its short and sweet, but I hope this gave you a few tips on how to save money on facial products.

(By the way this isn't sponsored !!!)