Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Being Healthy

So I'm not one for compulsively attending a gym but I do like to stay healthy and workout periodically. What about you guys? Do you?

When I get the chance I like to make homemade food, especially in summer when it's hard to fall into the trap of eating junk.

I like homemade orange juice, all you need is an orange, and a juicer. Yum! 

So, here are my trainers, mint green 'Nike Lunarlons', and the love of my life. They cost £45, in a Nike Outlet Store near where I live, I split the price in half with my parents. The trainers have a chunky sole, which is great for support, and breathable sides. They're great for running, or yoga or whatever you want.

Personally, my family house has a cross trainer, (a cross between an exercise bike and a treadmill), so i try and use that, rather than going to a sweaty gym.

No this post isn't sponsored by Nike, and yes I genuinely do love these trainers. I might consider doing some recipes in the future, because i also love baking! Have a good week and maybe try the homemade orange juice.


Monday, 22 September 2014

Music Monday #1

So I've decided to start a new monthly series, a playlist of tunes i've been loving over each month! I guess you could say I'm trying lots of different themes of blogging until i've found one i'm completely happy with.

So September has been a month of new beginnings, i've begun year 11 (so scary), my sister has started year 7 (super proud), my mum has started a new job and my dad has started his postgraduate course. 

October is the month of my 16th birthday, Christmas countdowns and my long awaited holiday to one of the Greek Islands (more info later).

So anyway, I've got a bit off topic, basically 'Music Monday' is where I give you my five favourite tracks of the month. Here we go. (no particular order)

1. Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran. A really laid back tune with some 'bluesy' vibes. It's on his new album 'multiply' and it's not like you will expect it to be. That's all I'll say.

2. Kings - The Pierces. If you know me at all, you know I'm not a fan of 'mainstream' music. I generally prefer smaller artists that no one really knows. Here's an example. Well...kinda. If you watch Pretty Little Liars, you will know the theme tune 'Secret', this is by the same artist, the Pierces, but it's completely different, and six years newer. From their new album 'Creation'.

3. Pressure - The 1975. Again if you know me, you'll know I'm one of the biggest fans of Matt Healy and the 1975. But this song, wow. That is all.

4. Heartbreak Girl - 5 Seconds of Summer. So here you have it, one of my guilty pleasures. This is one of their 'less popular' songs, like 'Try Hard' and 'Voodoo Doll' which I also love. But this song just grabs my heart every time hence the name (awful joke i know). I was lucky enough to see the band live in June at the summertime ball, i felt so starstuck! From their Self Titled album. 

5. Flawless - The Neighbourhood. Well the band name speaks for itself. The Neighbourhood is quite possibly the biggest highlight of my 2014 (musically). But there isn't a single song that I dislike, and rarely do I find a band that I love every song (even coldplay can you believe).

So there you have it, the first installment of 'Music Monday'! See you soon!


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Sweater Weather

Don't you just love the song 'Sweater Weather' by The Neighbourhood? Yeah, me too.
Here are two autumnal or 'fall' (if you're American) looks. They're both completely different, but i think suit every body shape. 

This first image is more classy, following the ever famous tartan trend. The monochrome accessories are paired perfectly with the burgundy mac lipstick (Punk Couture). I really like the collared dress which can be dressed casually and formally.

I am absolutely obsessed with this polyvore! black boots, mom jeans and a jumper! Most of these items can be found in highstreet stores, at realistic prices. The floral garland isn't just for summer, I found a pale nude one that costs 7.99! Fabulous!


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

DIY: Choker Necklaces

So recently i've noticed a massive craze of the 'choker necklace'. Even though I can't really be classified as a 90's kid, I know that they are a 90's style. I love how cool these necklaces look with others layered upon them. After much research and practicing, I finally found a technique that's easy enough and produces a good necklace. 

You will need
- A chair
- A very long stretchy 'scoobie' material in any colour. (about 1m)
- A clip
- Scissors
- Charms (optional)

Now this is really tough to explain, so you're probably going to have to read this three or four times over before understanding. I'm sorry in advance *insert cute monkey emoji here*

1. Right so firstly, you need your one metre of stretchy material and bend it in half, make sure each half is equal.
2. Put this scoobie under the chair. Name the left halve 'A' and the left halve 'B'
3. Now here comes the hard part. Put the A over the B. At a right angle.
4. Now loop A under B and over B and pull it through.
5. Put B over A, at a right angle, loop B under A over A and pull it through.
6. Repeat this over and over again until you reach the required size for your neck and tie the ends.
7. Here's the fun part, if you have a charm, a moon, owl or any symbol, loop it onto the necklace. You can leave it plain if you'd like. 
8. Now you need to put a clip or it will all fall apart. 
9. Hope this technique worked! It did for me! Leave a comment if you want me to do an updated version with pictures!

My homemade choker paired with a denim jacket and a cream shirt

So in terms of styling, chokers go with everything! Have fun with it!


Thursday, 4 September 2014

School Survival Tips

So it's that time of year again, the summer staples go away, and the uniform comes out. Back to school posters everywhere. Yes. You know it, we're going back to school.

So through my many many years of being in school, I've gathered a few tips up my sleeve to see me through a typical day, and I thought I'd share them with you. Whether you're starting secondary school, finishing it or if you're juts somewhere in between, school can be tough.

1. Organize yourself effectively. Make sure you set aside time for work as well as studying. Make a diary, tidy up your room. Just have a neat and clean work space.

2. Surround yourself with positivity. This means in school as well as outside school. Don't be in a circle of friends that make you uncomfortable. Make sure you're happy.

3. Take a deep breath every now and then. If you're feeling anxious or panicked just stop, even step out of the classroom and take a moment to calm yourself. 

4. Don't be overwhelmed by studying. At school you will have several different teachers who think their subject overrules the other. You'll feel like you have to please everyone. Hang in there, talk to a best friend, a teacher, parent or even a councillor if you're feeling like the workload is too much.

5. Most importantly, be yourself! Whether you're into art, sport, science, maths, music, dance drama every school has something for you. I know sometimes you can feel a little lost as a small fish in a big pond, and that everyone is talented but trust me there is something in you that is fabulous, you just have to keep searching.

So guys hope you liked that wordy blogpost, it's the first of my mini-series 'AdvicewithNaomi'. See you soon! Enjoy school!